how it works

How do I see stats?

Once you have purchased an ad you will find stats on your advertiser dashboard. If you have multiple ads already purchased via BSA, look for the ad titled "". Stats are updated in real-time and you will soon be able to set automatic reports to be delivered to your inbox on a schedule determined by you.

Can I test multiple ads?

Yes, yes, and yes. In fact, we encourage it. Once you have purchased an ad, you will be able to upload unlimited creatives for A/B testing from your advertiser dashboard. Just click on the "edit creative" link, and then instead of editing the existing creative, click on the "add new" button and upload your additional ads. However, each new ad uploaded is subject to approval.

I'm a publisher, how do I get in?

Publisher membership is invite only. If you think that your site is a great fit for one of the packs, please fill out the application form and let us know. We will review each request, but we will probably only respond if it's a good fit. Please don't take it personally, sites are carefully added to each pack based on a number of factors.

What packs are next?

We have a few ad packs that we are working to put together (as we speak). If you do not see an ad pack that fits your brand right now, please fill out the contact form and let us know what types of users you are looking to reach. We will let you know if it is a pack that we're currently working to put together and/or if there are some good sites that might work for you at


Ad Packs is a division of, a well respected and hard-working bunch of design and advertising enthusiasts. BSA has been in business for almost 3 years and they serve ads on over 2,900 websites amounting to ~3 billion impressions per month. You can learn more about BSA from their about page or by checking out the BSA rap song on YouTube.

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If you have questions and/or are interested in having your brand promoted in one of our Ad Packs please fill out this short form. Also make sure you follow Ad Packs and BuySellAds on Twitter—we would really like that.